About Torrey Pines Scientific

Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1995 in Solana Beach, California, twenty miles north of San Diego, the West Coast capital of the biomedical industry.

We are a manufacturing company with more than 60 years of combined experience in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality, unique, analog and digital chilling and heating equipment.

Torrey Pines Building

Our Business Philosophy

We feel it's important to...

  • 1

    Make excellent products

  • 2

    Manufacture in the USA

  • 3

    Control quality

  • 4

    Sell at fair prices

  • 5

    Provide excellent customer service


A Quality Policy is in place with CAR, SCAR and other procedures to assure your product will meet exacting standards. All products are made in the USA and are certified to UL, CSA, and CE or equivalent agencies for safety. Each product is tested, serialized and recorded for future reference. All units that can be set to an exact temperature are calibrated against standards traceable to NIST and Certificates of Calibration are included with the instruments.

Customer Service

When you call, you speak to one of us, not an answering machine. During business hours you will always talk to a real person here at the factory who cares about your needs. We have years of experience in applications and service for our products.

Our Products

At Torrey Pines Scientific, our command of technologies allows us to design digital/fully programmable instruments that heat and/or heat and chill. Our units incorporating Peltier technology (electrothermal cooling and heating) are state of the art. When Peltier technology is combined with our control loop technology it allows us to design units that heat and chill. Our units can hold a temperature exactly at or near room temperature regardless of changes in room temperature. This allows our users the ability to do more precise and wide ranged science.

Our engineers write some of the best closed loop temperature controls in the industry. Our digital units are controlled from their front panel or via an I/O port for use with PC’s and other controllers.

We are committed to developing new products and refining existing products. We always keep in mind our goal - to deliver the high-quality equipment researchers deserve for affordable, fair prices.

In addition to offering our products direct to consumers, we sell to several OEM customers. We’re always happy to meet their needs for quality control and records for their own compliance programs.

Chilling/Heating Dry Baths and some accessories for remote control for robotic systems

Chilling/Heating Dry Baths and some accessories for remote control for robotic systems

Innovative New Products — Our Principles Developed


The first closed-loop, self balancing, auto-ranging electronic ultra-microbalance in the early 1970’s.


The first digital/programmable single and multi-position stirring hot plates in the mid 1980’s.


The first Peltier based, bench top chilling/heating incubators in the mid 1990’s.

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