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Precise temperature control products for biotech, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, biomedical, electronic, and other laboratories.

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For precise temperature control, Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc. has precisely what you need. All made in the USA.

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The EchoTherm™ bench-top, solid-state chilling/heating incubators are reliable, accurate and easy to use. Peltier-based for both heating and chilling, the…

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hplc ovens

HPLC Column Ovens

Torrey Pines Scientific® offers reliable, Peltier-based chilling/heating HPLC column ovens with ranges from 4.0°C to 100.0°C and HPLC column heaters…

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digital dry baths

Digital Dry Baths Bench Top

Torrey Pines Scientific® offers many quality models of EchoTherm™ chilling/heating dry baths. The chilling/heating dry baths of choice for enzyme…

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dry baths automation

Dry Baths for Automation

Our compact dry baths for automation are designed specifically for robotic systems or remote operation in a controlled environmental chamber.…

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hot plates

Hot Plates & Stirrers

Torrey Pines Scientific Analog, Digital and Fully Programmable Hot Plates, Stirrers, and Stirring Hot Plates for Routine Lab Work or…

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wafer bake plates

Wafer Bake Plates

The Torrey Pines Scientific WaferPlate™ Programmable Bake Plate is a fully programmable digital hot plate designed specifically for baking silicon…

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At Torrey Pines Scientific we offer accessories for some of our products. Also, replacement or additional accessories are available for…

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Ext Warranties

Extended Warranties

Extended warranty coverage limits unexpected repair bills and protects your new laboratory equipment purchase.

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