Compact design for Robotic Decks. Mixes to 3000 rpm while Heating or Chilling from -5.0 C to 100.0 C.

Orbital Mixing Chilling/Heating Dry Baths for Automation

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The ideal tools for  robotic systems for the orbital mixing of samples from 200-3000 rpm at temperatures  from -5.0 C to 100.0 C

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Compact Orbital Mixing Chilling/Heating Dry Baths for automation are designed for use on Robotic Systems.  There are two models available, the Model RSC40-96 and the Model RSC40-384.  The RSC40-96 is for a 96-well PCR plate and the RSC40-384 is for a 384-well PCR plate.  As such, they are compact, self contained units  with a repeatable stopping point to +/- 0.25 mm to avoid needle breakage.  The orbit is 1 mm.  The settable temperature range is from -5.0 C to 100.0 C.  Mixing speeds are from 200 rpm to 3000 rpm displayed to 10 rpm.

The units run from 12 volts DC .  Power may be provided from a universal bench top power supply that comes with the unit or from the robotic systems power source.  The unit is supplied with an RS232 cable for connecting the unit to a PC or the MIC40 Controller.  The system serial command set is also provided.  The MIC40 Remote Controller can be purchased as an accessory.  The unit also has an LED which illuminates when a target temperature is set.  The LED flashes until the target temperature is reached and is stable.  When the temperature is stable then the LED will stop flashing and will hold steady.






  • Orbital mixing from 200 to 3000 rpm settable and controllable in 10 rpm increments
  • Repeatable stopping point maintained to +/- 0.25 mm. No broken needles
  • Orbit is 1 mm peak to peak
  • Compact size. 9.25" side to side x 5.75" front to back x 6.25" tall
  • Control temperatures from - 5.0 C to 100.0 C
  • Temperature settable to 0.1` C
  • Temperature stability +/- 0.2 C
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 0.2 C
  • Sample temperature variability between wells max = 0.3 C
  • Control temperature exactly at any temperature around room temperature without drift regardless of changes in room temperature
  • Count-down timer to 30-days
  • Electronic temperature calibration
  • Compact size for robotic decks
  • Mounting bracket for Tecan robots. Threaded holes in base for other decks
  • 12 Volt DC operation. Universal power supply provided.
  • UL, CSA, and CE compliant


  • Mix samples while chilling or heating
  • Maintain Temperatures for ligations
  • Maintain temperatures for enzyme reactions and deactivations
  • Store samples at 4.0 C with or without mixing
  • Incubate samplers at 37 C with or without mixing
  • Control different temperatures settings throughout a run using the robotic system controller
  • Mixing in 96-well or 384-well PCR plates

Full Product Specifications

Orbital Mixing
Range200 rpm to 3000 rpm
Orbit1 mm peak to peak
Readability10 rpm
Settable10 rpm
Range- 5.0 C to 100 .0 C
Readability0.1 C
Accuracy+/- 0.2 C
Stability+/- 0.1 C
Sensor typePlatinum RTD
Uniformity across sample+/- 0.3 C
Range to 30 days
Readable1 second
Power75 watts
Incoming Voltage100 VAC to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Unit operasting voltage 12 Volts DC
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